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Assistant Headteacher, Junior School

”Katie has worked with our setting over the last 2 years to assess and advise on supporting children with a wide range of needs. She shows a professional, empathetic and supportive approach when working with children, their parents, and staff within school. Her reports arrive in a timely manner, and have been extremely useful in identifying children’s needs and planning provision for appropriate intervention, as well as signposting to other agencies and securing EHCPs for those with the most complex needs. Working collaboratively to secure the best outcomes for all children is always at the heart of her work.”

Parent Support Advisor, Primary School

“I have worked with Katie on several occasions over the past year to support children and their families. Katie is always very friendly and professional with the staff at school and always offers good support and advice. Katie has a very good ability to engage with the children she is working with and will do this at the most appropriate level for their understanding. Katie is always sensitive and empathetic when working with the parents and will adjust her verbal reporting to them in a way that they understand fully. I have always found Katie to be extremely approachable and is always receptive to our issues”.

SEN(D) Transitions Manager

“Thanks Katie. Samantha is full of praise for the PATH reviews and especially for your skills as a facilitator. She thinks the two she attended were really enjoyable for all parties and very useful for the young people and families”.

Youth Support Team, regarding the PATH process with a Year 9 pupil

“…I saw Lauren at school on Tuesday and she told me that her dad had framed the plan and the One Direction posters had been moved to accommodate it on her bedroom wall! Result! Lauren really enjoyed the experience and both her dad and Nan were pleased. She is continuing to colour it in.”

Primary School SENCo

“Hi Katie, thank you so much for the last 2 days, our Deputy said you have been exceptionally supportive in helping Jack and his family. I’m really glad you’re our EP.”